commodity prices and people’s hope rise simultaneously

The price hike of our daily commodities has an abrupt change, making our wage-earners to work more for the effort.

The price is running at a high velocity, making our eyes see in a blurry. The person tends to do greater and faster effort to earn extra income. They even use their spare time in order for their family to be stable as possible as it could.

Nowadays, the happenings are as eggs that we don’t know when to hatch.
In line with buying our needs, some say, “Ang presyo mabilis tumataas pero ang tao matagal bago tumaas.”
They also say, ” Pandak lang ang di tumataas,” just to compare to rate of price increase.
What shall we do?
We just have to pray and hope for the best.
Never give up.
It is because it is not by food that we could live, but of faith and hope to the Divine Providence.
As the price increases, our hope also increases.
This is the positive way of life.


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