first of May…the labor day!

Today is labor day!

During labor day, some people used to stay within their houses, but more of them were suffering from protesting their own propaganda, to sell their own agenda, all of which are devoted to ease the burden of the Filipino workers…

Many workers were observed shopping at the different malls in the cities. Despite of the fact that the P125 wage increase has not been granted, still many of them can’t help to buy such necessities or to have some fun during this day.

Uber the labor day, I tried to put on the shoes of those who were standing and shouting in the streets, in front of DOLE, and in some areas in Manila. I know what they are trying to push on. But I can’t guess how their strong will had pushed them to do it. It’s much okay for me to have some rest for this day because I know that the government could always see them but would never hear them.

Their just wasting their time.

But me, I’m not wasting my time in writing this post because I know that though I can be the only viewer of my blog, I’m always sure that I will learn something from it. That I will never forget it in my life.


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