studying is the art of writing your life

Through studying, we are able to learn new things about something existing in this world. We are facing different things every time of the day and we are learning something new. When I was on high school, we had a discussion about taking your career after high. Do you prefer to study in a prestigious university or in an ordinary college school offering reasonable tuitions? At first, I chose that it should be taken into consideration the need for a not-too-much prestigious but has a quite high quality of education. Therefore, I was on the middle.

When I had reminisced this, I’ve said that I’ve made a wrong decision before. I am now at my third year at Cavite State University taking up Medical Technology program offered under the College of Nursing. My answer is now different. I’ve decided that it is not the school that has the right power to put you on top but it is you who will have to do it. Whatever school you may go you may enter and enroll for a program you want. But it doesn’t mean that they are responsible for your future to be bright, brighter, not even the brightest, as may I say.

Studying is like writing.

I chose this analogy for certain reasons that made them to have visible similarity.

When you enter a college school, you are entering the case of the ballpen.

You play as the ink of it. The ink color is up to your choice.

You and your school will act now as a complete ballpen.

Many ballpens are now emerging through the market and they cost less or more than we’ve anticipated.

High class ballpens are the timeless universities that have known for their prestige.

Ordinary  universities were the affordable pens.

The quality of writing depends upon the ink of it.

We are the ink of our own pens. And it is our task and responsibility on how we will come out from the ballpen. The penmanship is not so important if the ink doesn’t come out perfectly. It means that no matter how perfect our universities produce the new “us”, after years of studying, we are not sure that we could get the gold of future. “DISKARTE” is the key.

So write your life according to how you use the ink!

Remember that even an old wooden pen could write a perfect novel.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by mamu on July 4, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    galeng 2x naman nya hehe.. binasa ko. ^______________________________^


  2. Posted by kaye on July 7, 2008 at 9:21 am


    epistaxis ako…….


    nsa skul k n n0h..?

    tambay aq d2 sa SUB…

    gLing2 moh tLagah…

    God BLess.


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