“love”oratory to be “lab”ed

Haaay, it’s another idea sulking on my big head full of fats!

Haha, it’s about our laboratory class for third year!

My course is considered to be focusing and mastering the clinical laboratory, but what happens now is that, until this time, we don’t have a laboratory to use! And our time was wasted. Our interest started to fall. We’ve consulted our adviser who’s taking in charge of all of these, but her shortest reply made us worry for the longer period of time.

Ma’am said that dealers told her those machines and reagents would be delivered next week. When the “next week” came,  she told us “next week”. As of now, it’s still “next week”!

What would happen to us?

To all students of Medtech in this primary school in Cavite?

Another thing. Ma’am told us that it is through internship that we would be able to use those important gadgets and high-tech machines in the laboratory!

Worrying but no losing of hope.

I don’t wonder why they offered this course for a more affordable tuition than other schools.


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  1. Posted by kaye on July 11, 2008 at 10:43 pm


    agree aq sa cnv m0h…


    God bLess…


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