First poem for a friend, just a friend

Now, the yuletide season is coming along the corner, and we are finally close to the much anticipated event of the year! Christmas is just once a year, so we must enjoy its very and every second so if life comes to worst, we’ve achieved the better.

I have something to share to my readers.
This is a poem, the first poem made and dedicated to a friend. This literature is crafted on a midnight when nobody’s awake except me. Unexpected, but it seems to be a very good poem that some may relate to it.

To begin with, the title of this poem means so much to me that I must have made almost a perfect title for it. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Presenting, a four-stanza poem,

Just a Friendly Poem
by Wilder S. Falcon

If things would change when a chance is given, I would choose to live the same way again, for there are girls, who crossed not just my life, but also my heart, and those are fascinating, like you.
You’re a woman to others, but a lady to me.
You’re true to others, and special for me. Never think you’re gonna be in sorrow, for a I am here beside you, to help fix your tomorrow.

I may just be a common friend to you, but I will cherish you, as if you’re a tattoo.
Sorry for the mistakes, I just wanted you to laugh at stake.
I am not in love but just had a crush, for I was afraid if I do it, I may be a trash.

Thanks for the smiles, thanks for the laughs. Your smiles are miles away.
Your laughs are as tasty loaves.
You may tell others that I look a pig, but still, as a friend, I shall love you big. Please, stay as you are and be CIELO! Cool! Indefatigable! Effective! Lord-fearing! OOOzy!

Just do things right for you!
Don’t hesitate from being you.
For the word “you”, is *never complete without U!

*never – in the original poem, it’s the word “not”; edited to make it better


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