Let Us be these Ones

This one was written from the bulletin of friendster posted by yourstruly. A very first from WSF after his birthday!

(BE the ONE!)

One who sees the magnificent place and wonderful person out of nowhere,

One who cares so much for others and for herself/himself as well,

One who speaks wisdom to the imbeciles but behaving like a moron,

One who plays jokes but deals with life seriously,

One who wears shirt with “Mind if I call you dick?” but embracing life with a simple heart,

One who pretends to be no one but herself/himself,

One who never counts failures but calculates the measures on how to bounce back,

One who reads a lot and speak less — for he thinks carefully how to talk good enough and just right,

One who faces every endeavor, admitting mistakes and drives on a “NO U-TURN” road,

One who worships ONE, loves only ONE, and helps everyONE along his ONE long journey.

May we see the difference by being one!

GOD bless!


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