From Murdoch to Cavite

This was a great pleasure for the students of Cavite State University who attended the 3-day seminar held by CVMBS, on May 5-7 this year.

Dr. Stan G. Fenwick — a professor from the Murdoch University who teaches Public Health visited the Philippines, particularly the Cavite State University, made to be the speaker of the said seminar for three consecutive days.

The attendees of the seminar was composed of Veterinary Medicine students from the host college, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, while from the College of Nursing, we, the MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY students!

This seminar is almost not a seminar for it was considered to be a crash course! As we go through the discussion, it seemed to get more excited — full-packed of knowledge and a bunch of laughter…!

Three topics were pointed out during the whole seminar. Actually, it should be preferred to be three seminars. The topics are as follows:

1. Introductory Food Hygiene

2. Basic Disease Surveillance

3. Biosecurity and Emerging Infectious Diseases

Although the approach was slightly pro-vetmed, it cannot changed the view that med tech students could also benefit a lot from these.

We are also concerned with all these stuffs but, to be discussed with different integration and approach.

I was very glad because we had given the opportunity to have this seminar.

By the facts that we had gained, it didn’t give us so much hassle of coming back to school even though it is still summer vacation!

To Dr. Stan, thank you very much for the effort and for reaching out to us. You are not just a speaker to us, but also a wonderful teacher!

To Dr. Cynthia dela Cruz, thank you so much doc for inviting us to attend a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I would never forget!


We are looking forward to attending another seminars like these!


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