Seeking Truth speaks Chastity

The rudiments of life’s inceptions have had enough to teach every people how to live morally upright. Since the hands of time started to move, the Truth is already there and till the clock stops, it is still there. Truth is not just knowing what is basically true but it is the earnest search for Right Victory And Success, having adequate Glory that no one could wish more. Purity may be referred as the state of having a pure mind and heart. It does not necessitate a perfect life from birth, but a striving and working optimistically after all. So what’s the connection of having chaste by seeking the truth? Feet are to shoes as keys are to doors. Both of these go hand-in-hand, helping each other in achieving the state of having both. Let us be true to ourselves first before the world could understand us. Let us be pure enough first so the world could easily understand us, or no need to understand more, for if we are able to manifest this, we as air, go smoothly without unswervingly passing by. BE RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH TO MAKE THIS THROUGH!


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