Quotes of the Mind

Here are the new group of quotes made by yours trully. I have no more to say but just mull over the philisophies within.


*Let thine mouth void of ostentatious acts and let thy actions speak of your humble consummations. This is how a good man have wrought passionately. -WSFalcon

*Every tribulation has its own way of befitting a person’s need in life. This may hinder him from going ahead or may coerce him to surmounting trials. -WSFalcon

*Withal the riotous speech of the throng rebuking my deeds, I won’t stop helping them get rid of their feverish practices. But after all, tither is the flamboyant experience for them to quaff from the river of life, where the freshest and water quenches man’s thirst of truth. -WSFalcon

*After hours of dreaming his illusory life by slumbering the whole night of silence, let the wayfarer be awaken to continue his search in real ways of living on his dreams by conquering the whole day of prolific noise. -WSFalcon

*True happiness is cultivated from the heart  of the possessors and not on the feelings of others. A person can live with abiding joy if he chooses to dwell on life’s Elysium. -WSFalcon

*Let the food enter thy mouth and let its energy be pervious to the soul. Eat those that are palatable to the tongue and so luscious to the body. -WSFalcon

*Life is so ephemeral that tither lies the imminent death, but withal that fact, now hither, the throng is capable of making it to the fullest, simply the very best. -WSFalcon

*Man has listlessly returned his way back home. Let him be rejuvenated as he contends with his lackadaisical state. Grant him repose for him to be primed in combating on the morrow. -WSFalcon

*For we are blessed with another day of fruitful blessings, then we should keep others be blessed through us. Live the magnificent day magnanimously. -WSFalcon

*To love selflessly is to love truly and sincerely. If a man can do it without expecting to receive love from the one whom he loves, he’s very amazing, such one of a kind! -WSFalcon

*For every man deserves no disparagement and disrespect, either from any race or place. Loving others as yourself has sought the true meaning of Love. -WSFaLcon

*Sometimes we have to have that Achillean quality to sear our hands on fire and realize that we bear an obdurate heart that needs to be emollient than moire. This is garrulously hurting but silently soothing after all. -WSFalcon

*It should be noted that many people are seeking the peak of their gratification and few have opted to search for Truth. But all are tasked to fight for Truth. -WSFalcon

*Wanna be lucky? There’s no such thing as predicting your luck but it is through you that you can be able to make your life a lucky one. Dream big, work a lot and earn bigger. -WSFalcon

*I cannot condemn the persons who can do everything for their loved ones, yet, they should remember that love begets love and it doesn’t justify any means but merely the common good and right. Love according to the Truth and be true when in love. -WSFalcon

For now, that’s all!


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