Influenza A (H1N1) afflicts 77

My first post about the virus has stated that there is no confirmed case found in the Philippines.  But after a span of less than two months, the news has broadcasted that there are 77 cases, of which some are mild cases.

Albeit the patients suffer mild cases, it is still a shocking and surprising fact that as of this time, the Philippines has the highest number of cases with Influenza A(H1N1).

I guess the reason behind the abrupt increase is the lack of gadgets that will detect persons with symptoms of the flu. Thermal scanners are not enough for all the flight passengers arriving on the airport every day.

School classes have been suspended and rescheduled especially in the colleges and universities. Not only foreign studes but also Filipinos are confirmed to have the virus! This brought very challenging to the DOH that they have to do contact tracing.

For the safety of all, let us be aware of the things we are using, eating, also the people we are dealing with in our every day life. Awareness and prevention are very important nowadays.

But after all, we must also mull over on the fact that no matter how hard and complicated the situation is, there is still GOD. The Lord that helps us all the time. All actions without prayers are just nothing but  a waste deed.

Let us see how this virus attacks against Christians, let’s see.

God Bless All!

May all of us be free from the virus!


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