To laugh at once is signify happiness dwelling in your heart. It seems that you are so mesmerized about the things you sensed. Because of it, you are now energized with full power. And that is, the power of abiding joy!

Nowadays, we see many who are indulged with poverty, famine and everything that is all negative. They cannot buy their own food, they cannot solve their simple problems so they aren’t capable of solving bigger ones. Hence, what’s the real score? It is not always the law, I believe, but it is totally under the law, as I may say.

Quite puzzled? People say that there is no chance to make the world a better place for all because they simply lean on the fact that there is always the higher and the lower, the oppressed and the oppressor, the best and the worst and whatsoever words that they may account on it. I’m not saying to you that this law is unjust or anything. Another group of people tell us that life is how we make it.  That if we wish to be constantly happy, rich, blessed, awarded, rewarded and all other words that they may positively used, if we all apply this, according to them, we can be as contented as ever.

So what’s the deal?

Both laws are right. And then so what is the right perspective to be viewed? The wrong thing about this is the use of such laws dis-accordingly. Yes, we can say that there is no perfection in earth…but we can also say that we have the freewill to do and have anything. What leads us to the wrong way is the application of those ideas. At first, the first law was definitely right. It is so important to be experienced by us in order to see the differences. It will serve as a marker of how we gauge our success. But I’m not saying that if you are rich then you are successful neither that if someone is poor then he is totally mislead. If you see that this is the meaning of it, then you are on the wrong way.

If we think that we are poor then it must be our key to be more striving to be rich….and if the rich sees the poor and wants the simple way of living…then he could wish to…as long as he expects to have the happiness he wants. The second aphorism is just as true to us. We are the actually the masons of our own houses. I think I don’t have to explain it more because we all know this fact, though some do not recognize it. And yet we can get what we want if we are able to give time on it, to act on it and to sacrifice on it.

We should not use ideas on wrong place and time. We can be so successful, so happy, and so blessed having what we have on life though we are on the lower side and vice versa. Our status in the world is not the scale on how we measure success but it is how we see things beyond our naked eyes. Race is not important, economic status is not important. Even if you were born poor and being oppressed it doesn’t mean you will never seek happiness.  A person may have bankrupted but is still happy in the end.

Our naked eyes should see the naked meaning of life, the real life from within. So if you are so problematic, just think of those good memories and eventually when you smile, hehehehehehe, you’ll say, “It’s all in the mind”.


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