Studying Medical Technology Beyond the Books

To my fellow schoolmates who still wears the uniform of Medical Technnology, I have here some pieces of advice to share with you. Other readers would also benefit from this if they used to. I just made it not to help you by myself but for you to help yourself by making decisions when you believe it right. Ito lang naman ang maitutulong ko senyo…Hindi ko naman sinasabing gawin niyo kung anung mga sinabi ko. Basta please take a moment to realize if you’re doing the right thing.
I have decided to include your names here for every topic that I will be discussing. But please consider it all. I advise you to read it all.

1. I think it’s for rvin I at rvin A, but generally it’s for all. They always say na lagi kayong pareho sa mga grades na nakukuha niyo. When it comes to grades, learning to manage your emotions is a must. Yes, let’s say that you spent all those times studying for all the subjects you’re taking and you prepared all you need just for earning the good result of the exam. And what happened is that you didn’t make it good enough. Here’s the deal. You can assess yourself if you have done your best reviewing for the exams. You cannot question the contents of the exam, but it’s the other way around. When you thought you gave not your very best, then, better study harder and further modify your study habits. When you thought you gave it with all effort, then accept what you got. Based on my experience, it is easy to accept that I have failed on one of my quizzes after studying hard, than to accept that I had it perfect when after all I cheated. I am not saying that you cheated on any exams ha, what I’m trying to say is that when you wanted and gave your best, there’s no way to have regrets. Saka huwag niyong didibdibin yun. Exams are just exams. Just accept all the possiblities. Sabi ko nga, sana mahandle niyo ng mabuti ang emotions niyo. Don’t make your emotions rule your world but rather you control yourself. Yes, malungkot nga kayo kasi you didn’t make it. But make it realize na wala namang magagawa kung malulungkot lang kayo lagi. Learn how to move on.

2. Whitey Karen and Gladys Long Hair. Wow! I would like to congratulate you for having it good when you started your college life from other schools or when you did good in our school. My second topic starts here. Being on the average. Averaging the best. It’s really hard to accept that after starting all with good grades, now your grades would have been fluctuating. I will never advice you to be glad or nice or take it easy because you can’t really avoid this thing. Like what I’ve said on no. 1, acceptance. You must learn to accept that life doesn’t go on with the flow of what you always do before. You’re not always on high. Getting the grades passed is a happy thing. I said to you a while ago that other studes from other schools were already glad if they had it 3.0. Yes, they would have to enjoy that because studying medical technology is not eating your favorite junkfoods. But I’m not saying that you have to limit your capacity to 3.0. Just give your best shot! And never aim for perfection but for giving the best you can give. Going back to the topic, I want you to realize that once your down, there’s no way but to go up and the same goes vice versa. It is better to start at the bottom before getting to the top. And being on the average is the best thing for me. Because you become flexible no matter what your grades are. The service of Medical Technology doesn’t depend on how high your grades are. For as long as you know you gave your best, and you passed the subject, it’s a big blessing. Anyway, if you’re running for scholarships, just accept the reality and make another option for other scholarships that you may still avail. Making a good record from your school doesn’t give the complete guarantee that you will become a very good Medical Technologist someday.

3. For Karen Chubbs and others. I want to tackle with you the “attitude”. Hehehe, I just want to thank you and I’m glad that you believe that after all attitude counts…hehehe…Hindi kailangan sa serbisyo ng profession ang mga cum laude, magna cum laude at lalo na ang summa cum laude lang, basta isa kang rehistrado at lisensyadong medtech at ginagawa mo ng maayos ang gawain mo at marunong kang makisama sa mga tao lalo na sa mga pasyente, mas kailangan ka dito. Hehehe. Continue what you believe to at mag-aral na lalo kayong mabuti. Mas mahirap habang natatapos ang sem. Mas mahirap ang second sem sa first sem pero huwag kayong panghinaan ng loob. Ma’am is doing the best for you kaya huwag ninyo sanang sayangin yon. Bibihira sa isang professor ang magbigay ng ganong attention sa mga studes niya. Alam ko hindi naman naghihintay si ma’am na suklian niyo siya o sila sa dept. pero sana patunayan niyo na lang sa sarili ninyo na karapat-dapat nga kayo sa ginagawa ni ma’am. After all, hindi naman para kay ma’am o sa school yon eh, para din yon sa inyo. Sa inyo talaga yon. Saka huwag na kayong sumuko. Ngayon pa ba kayo susuko kung kelan dalawang sems na lang kayo sa school at internship na kayo???  Linel etc., sana huwag kayong mawalan ng pag-asa na mag-aral ng mabuti kung hindi man kataasan ang nakukuha niyo sa sem o kung may revalida man kayong nakuha. Aral talaga kayo mabuti. Siguro kulang pa. Natutuwa ako sa section niyo kasi sa dami niyong yan na 20 kayo eh may unity kayo at you care for one another. At talagang lahat kayo wanted to get high grades as possible as you can.

After reading this, what you may think is that I am saying to you that you should do the right things. But no. I’m not advising you to follow what I’ve said above but rather I wanted you to analyze if you think you’re making it right. My aim is not to change you as a person but for you to mold your own by reflecting not just from what I’ve said but also from what you have observed. Hindi ko gustong matutunan niyo lahat ng magaganda at mabubuting bagay about sa pag-aaral dahil sa may naishare ako. Pero gusto kong matutunan niyo ang mga bagay na yon nang dahil sa naexperience niyo yun at napagtanto niyo na ganto o ganyan pala ang dapat gawin. Feel free to make me believe that I was wrong but I would recommend you na huwag niyo sanang patunayan saken na mali ako, pero magfocus kayo sa sarili nio at patunayan niyo sa sarili niyo na tama yung ginagawa niyo. It won’t help if you prove me that I was incorrect but it will give you a big satisfaction if you can prove to yourself that what you believe is right. I wish na sana lahat kayo ay sabay-sabay na ga-graduate on time. My support has already set for you guys. Ito lang naman ang maitutulong ko senyo at sa mga readers ng blog ko. Update me in the future! Kudos to my soon-to-be Colleagues!!!!



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